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MADRIX 5 Software

The MADRIX Software is the ultimate control tool for LED lighting.
Use pixel mapping at its best in 2D or 3D.

From the smallest projects to the biggest ones – get the best out of your LEDs. MADRIX can produce a complete LED light show from a normal computer or laptop. Still, it can drive tens of thousands of LEDs without problems. This powerful software will not only allow you to control nearly any 2D LED display in every possible way, but real 3D LED applications as well. This makes it the ideal solution for your LED project.

Bring your LED design to life with beautiful colors, stunning visuals, and spectacular effects. MADRIX adapts to your needs. Use it as LED lighting controller, VJ software, 2D pixel mapper, 3D voxel mapper, media server, or media creator. This software is easy to use with a VJ-like operation, 2 decks and a crossfader, plus 3 real-time previews to show your effects in advance.

MADRIX 5 Key: Professional

DMX-Based Output

DMX Channels 65,536
DMX Universes 128
RGB Voxels 21,845

DVI-Base Ouput

DVI Voxels 1,048,576
Render Resolution Example 1,024 x 1,024 Pixels

Industry Standards For Output

MADRIX excels in flexibility. You can directly connect to a wide range of LEDs and compatible first-party or third-party LED controllers.

DMX-Based Output

  • Art-Net I, II, 3, 4 (Unicast & Broadcast)
  • DMX512
  • Philips Color Kinetics
    KiNET (V1 / V2)
  • Philips Hue
  • Streaming ACN (sACN / E1.31) (Unicast & Multicast)

DVI-Based Output

  • ColourSmart Link
  • Colorlight A8
  • Colorlight 5A
  • Colorlight T9
  • DVI (VGA, HDMI, etc.)
  • Eurolite T9

Industry Standards For Input, Remote Control, And Audio

MADRIX easily integrates with other lighting desk, consoles, controllers, and many other hardware or software tools.

  • Art-Net I, II, 3, 4
  • ASIO
  • CITP
  • DMX512
  • GamePort
  • MA-Net 1 / MA-Net 2
  • Media (Images, Pictures, Logos, Videos, Text, Live Capturing, Screen Capturing)
  • MIDI
  • Remote HTTP (Web Server)
  • Streaming ACN (sACN / E1.31)
  • Time Code
  • (Art-Net / MIDI / SMPTE / System Time)
  • WDM

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