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Riedel Bolero Wireless Beltpack BL-BPK-1006-19-EU

Riedel Bolero Wireless Comms

Bolero is a digital, easy to use full-duplex communications solution for broadcast, security, industrial and theater applications as well as for sports and cultural events. It is an all-new wireless intercom system capable of supporting 10 Beltpacks per antenna and up to 100 antennas in a single deployment. Bolero redefines the wireless intercom category with features such as ADR (Advanced DECT Receiver) with multiple-diversity and RF anti-reflection technology for greater RF robustness.

Bolero utilizes the benefits of the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard’s base layer. This provides a license-free, cellular architecture with seamless hand-over between cells, allowing each Bolero Wireless Beltpack to continuously monitor and automatically select the best connection to the Antenna.

Bolero is fully integrated in Riedel’s Artist Matrix. Features like “Touch&Go” Beltpack registration, versatile operation as a wireless Beltpack, a wireless keypanel, and – in an industry first – a walkie-talkie pushing it beyond the limits of existing wireless intercom solutions.

Riedel Bolero Wireless Beltpack

The Bolero Wireless Beltpack is a light and compact, digital station with six individually configurable keys for intercom, IFB or GPO triggering use. Two rotary level controls on the front of the Beltpack allow volume-control for each key and menu navigation. Pushing the Talk key toggles talk on/off with momentary or latching operation as well as an Auto mode that combines both functions in one. Activation is indicated in the display and a button backlit LED. Optional super bright call LEDs and a vibration motor are able to indicate an incoming call or warnings. The Beltpack features a sunlight readable color display which by default shows the labels for the six function keys. In addition, the display gives the user access to the Quick menu and the intuitive configuration menu.

With the new "Touch&Go" beltpack registration a quick and user friendly registration is implemented. Just touch the Beltpack to the antenna and GO.

The Bolero Wireless Beltpack has a XLR connector for headset, a 3.5mm jack for a line-in signal and a USB port for firmware updates. Bolero Beltpacks support Bluetooth 4.1, allowing a Smartphone to be connected. When a Smartphone is connected, the Beltpack can act like a car's "hands free" setup so the user can receive calls on their phone and talk and listen via their Beltpack headset. Users can also inject phone calls directly into the intercom channels, providing new levels of workflow flexibility. A fully charged Bolero rechargeable Battery allows more than 17 hours of operation. The rugged housing with rubber protectors houses the internal antennas.

Riedel Bolero Comms Beltpack Description

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Beltpack Product Code BL-BPK-1006-19
Multi-path delay spread protection Yes, ADR (Advanced DECT Receiver)
Audio Bandwidth 200 Hz ... 7 KHz (-3dB)
Mode of Operation Full-duplex on all routes
Encryption AES256 Bit encryption
Line in 3.5 mm jack, 40 Hz ... 20 kHz, max. +12 dBu input level
Talk Controls 4 pushbuttons + reply key + 2 handheld keys (Momentary, latching & auto mode)
Volume / Level Controls 2x Master or slave + menu navigation
Display High contrast sunlight readable full colour LCD
Audio prompts Out of range, Battery low, Belt pack registered
No. of Full-Duplex Audio Paths 6 with individual level control
Handheld Operation Walkie-talkie mode
Vibrate Module Vibrate indicates incoming Call
Internal Loudspeaker Freq. 7kHz 80dB/SPL/0.5W/1m, @ <5% THD
Remote Health Monitoring Battery charge status, remaining time
Battery Lithium Ion external removeable battery pack with user removeable clip
USB Type-C USB 2.0 connector
Operation Time 17 hours typical
Headset Connector 4-pin male XLR, user replaceable
Microphone Type Electret (~5V bias voltage) or dynamic, user selectable or automatic
Side-tone and microphone gain Individually adjustable for each Beltpack & via remote control
Bluetooth V4.1 (HSF – hands free profile & HSP – Headset Profile)
Bluetooth phone call mix into intercom Yes
Lanyard anchor points Yes
Dimensions Depth 48 mm / 1.9" x Width 86 mm / 3.4" x Height 130 mm / 5.1"
Weight 420 g (inc. battery and clip)
Environmental IP65 sealing: dust tight + water jet from all angles
Operating Environment Temperature -10° … +55°C
Humidity 0 % ... 90 % rel. (non-condensing), Ta=40°C
Storage Temperature -20° ... +70°C
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