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Meyer UPM-1P UltraCompact Loudspeaker

The Meyer UPM-1P is a remarkably compact, self-powered professional sound reinforcement loudspeaker system. It is ideally suited to applications requiring a relatively small and inconspicuous loudspeaker that can also provide high sound pressure levels, extremely low distortion, and uniform directional control.

The Meyer UPM-1P loudspeaker provides vocalrange reinforcement as a small PA system, or as a fill or delay loudspeaker in larger indoor or outdoor systems.

The Meyer UPM-1P high-frequency section comprises a 1-inch metal dome tweeter on a symmetrical constant-directivity high-frequency horn with 100-degree beamwidth. At lower frequencies, sophisticated phasecorrection circuitry assures true pointsource performance without the off-axis cancellation effects that plague customary dual-woofer designs. Two 5-inch low-frequency cone drivers are driven in parallel at low frequencies to take advantage of their combined acoustic output. To prevent destructive interference and comb filtering effects in the mid-band frequencies close to the crossover area, one of the drivers rolls off above 320 Hz.


Operating Frequency Range 75 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency Response 80 Hz - 16 kHz ±4 dB
Phase Response 300 Hz - 18 kHz  ±60°
Maximum Peak SPL 123 dB
Dynamic Range 110 dB
Horizontal Coverage 100°
Vertical Coverage 100°
Crossover 1300 Hz
Low Frequency Two 5" cone drivers Nominal impedance: 8 Ω Voice coil size: 1" Power-handling capability: 200 W (AES)6
High Frequency One 1" metal dome tweeter Nominal impedance: 8 Ω Voice coil size: 1" Diaphragm size: 1" Power-handling capability: 20 W (AES)6
Audio Input Type Differential, electronically balanced
Maximum Common Mode Range ±15 V DC, clamped to earth for voltage transient protection
Connectors Female XLR input with male XLR loop output
Input Impedance 10 kΩ differential between pins 2 and 3
Wiring Pin 1: Chassis/earth through 220 kΩ, 1000 pF, 15 V clamp network to provide virtual ground lift at audio frequencies Pin 2: Signal + Pin 3: Signal - (optional polarity reversal switch)7 Case: Earth ground and chassis
DC Blocking Differential DC blocking up to maximum common mode voltage
CMRR 50 dB, typically 80 dB (50 Hz – 500 Hz)
RF Filter Common mode: 425 kHz; Differential mode: 142 kHz
TIM Filter  
Nominal Input Sensitivity 0 dBV (1 V rms, 1.4 V pk) continuous average is typically the onset of limiting for pink noise and music
Input Level Audio source must be capable of producing a minimum of +20 dBV (10 V rms, 14 V pk) into 600 Ω to produce maximum peak SPL over the operating bandwidth of the loudspeaker
Amplifiers Type Complementary MOSFET output stages (class AB/bridged)
Output Power 350 W total
Load Capacity 4 Ω low channel, 8 Ω high channel
Cooling Convection
Connector PowerCon with looping output
Voltage Selection External 115/230 V AC switch (100 V AC version available)9
Operating Voltage Ranges 105 V AC - 130 V AC (115 V AC); 210 V AC - 260 V AC (230 V AC)
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