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A company party or a state-of-the-company address can reward your employees for their hard work and keep them informed about changes to come. You need to make a series of crucial decisions when you want to plan the perfect corporate event. Listed below are four tips on how to design the appropriate function for your business.

1. Choose the Perfect Venue

The first step in creating a memorable corporate event is finding the right venue. The type of venue you choose will largely depend on the type of event you intend to put on. If you plan to hold a meeting where you speak and your employees listen, you may want to choose a location with ample seating. If you intend to throw an end-of-the-year bash for your employees who have exceeded expectation s, you might want to choose a location with large, open space where your employees can move around.

A few common venues for these types of gatherings include:

  • Art galleries
  • Banquet halls
  • Conference centres
  • Convention centres
  • Hotels
  • Retreats
  • Rooftop gardens

The venue should be an interesting place that your employees will talk about for weeks to come. Spend a few days researching potential venues in your city to find the right place for your event.

2. Serve Great Food

Once you have chosen the perfect site for your gathering, you need to make sure you serve the perfect food as well. Whether you want a lavish spread of gourmet foods or an elegant dinner, you don't have to break the bank to feed your employees. Consider surveying your employees' tastes in foods. You can maximise your budget and minimise expenses by only serving foods you know your employees will enjoy.

Depending on the size of your workforce, you may find it more cost-effective to serve a buffet than a traditional sit-down meal.

3. Choose a High-Quality Audio/Visual Display

Many corporate events take advantage of a projection system to help engage the attendees. Whether you want to show a video clip highlighting that year's achievements or you want to excite your employees with a rousing speech, investing in high-quality audio visual equipment will provide you with a crisp picture and clear sounds that everyone can enjoy.

Just like choosing the right video equipment is important, selecting the right sound system is important to keep any party going. This will make sure you never have to ask if the people in the back can hear you.

If your chosen venue doesn't have quality audio visual components, find an experienced company to help you deliver the best sound and visuals.

4. Make It Fun

The entertainment is the most important part of your corporate event. Entertainment is especially important if you require your employees to take time away from their personal lives. Choosing the right activity for your gathering will depend greatly on the overall makeup of your work staff.

If your company hires recent college graduates, you may want to include technological diversions your employees can engage in. A twitter photo booth, video game stations or funny Internet memes displayed on the wall can help employees in their 20s have a great time.

If your average worker cares more about their retirement fund than a new phone, try something more low-key.  These employees may enjoy a nice drink and a pleasant conversation with co-workers.

As part of the entertainment, you need music to help set the mood. The wrong music can kill a social event faster than anything else. Hire an experienced DJ who can gauge the feeling of the room and play the right tunes.


The perfect corporate gathering is one your employees will talk about throughout the year. If you need help designing the right party for your employees, contact a company with the ability to make your event a memorable one. 

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