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Sumner Eventer 25

The Eventer series, specifically designed for the theatrical and entertainment industries, has proven a reliable lifting solution for flying light and speaker arrays in both indoor and outdoor venues. 


  • Black anodized aluminum telescoping masts fade out on the stage
  • Lifts 500 lbs. (225 kg) 16' (4.9 m)
  • Lifts 800 lbs. (360 kg) 20’ (6.4m)
  • Lifts 650 lbs. (300 kg) 25’ (7.7m)
  • Sumner-built winch specifically designed for the application
  • Compact - folds up for storage and transport
  • Low mast heights fit through most doorways and truck tailgates
  • Winch cable away from operator
  • Forks reverse for added height
  • Safety stripe markings on legs
  • Large, rubber padded leveling jacks
  • Robust quick-action plungers
  • Lifting bar for hoisting the Eventer
Dimensions Inches/Cm/M
Height (stowed) 78"/198.1cm
Length (stowed) 27.5"/69.2cm
Width (stowed) 23"/58.4cm
Length (operating) 77.25"/196.2cm
Width (operating) 75"/190.5cm
Height (forks up) 25'2.75"/7.7m
Height (forks down) 23'3.5"/7.1m
Ground Clearance 3.25"/8.3cm
Load height (min) 8.5"/21.6cm
Load Center (min) 13"/33cm
Load Capacity (at load center) 650lb/300kg
Lift Weight 514lb/235kg
Fork Width (min) 16"/40.6cm
Fork Width (max) 25"/63.5
Fork Length 28"/71.1cm
Fork Weight 41lb/19kg

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