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Panasonic ET-DLE030 - 0.38:1 Ultra Short Lens

Panasonic's new ultra-short-throw lens ET-DLE030 enables large-screen projection from a short distance. Applications greatly expand for digital signage in show windows, stores, train stations, and other locations.

The Panasonic Ultra-Short-Throw Lens Solves “Space” Issues

By mounting the ET-DLE030 ultra-short-throw lens onto a compatible Panasonic 1-Chip DLP™ projector, you can shorten the projection distance by approximately 60 % compared with other lenses such as the ET-DLE085 and ET-DLE080 short-throw lenses.

This huge saving in space lets you project images in spots where you previously could not—such as places where the ceiling is too high, or where there is not enough front or rear space for projecting


F Value 2.0
Focal distance 5.3mm
Throw ratio WUXGA 0.38:1 for PT-RZ970, RZ770, RZ660, DZ870, DZ780 (16:10 aspect ratio)
WXGA 0.40:1 for PT-RW930, RW730, RW620, DW830, DW750 (16:10 aspect ratio)
XGA 0.39:1 for PT-RX110, DX100, DX820 (4:3 aspect ratio)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 132 x 102 x 311mm
Weight Approx 1.3 kg
Applicable Projector

Group A

PT-DZ870K, DZ870LK, DZ870W, DZ870LW, DW830K, DW830LK, DW830W, DW830LW, DX100K, DX100LK, DX100W, DX100LW

Group B

PT-DZ770K, DZ770LK, DZ770S, DZ770LS, DW740S, DW740LS, DW740K, DW740LK, DW730S, DW730LS, DW730K, DW730LK, DX810S, DX810LS, DX810K, DX810LK,  DX800S, DX800LS, DX800K, DX800LK, DZ680K, DZ680LK, DZ680S, DZ680LS,  DZ6710, DZ6710L, DZ6700, DZ6700L, DW6300S, DW6300LS, DW6300K, DW6300LK, D6000S, D6000LS, D6000K, D6000LK, D5000S, D5000LS

Group C

PT-RZ970B, RZ970W, RZ970LB, RZ970LW, RW930B, RW930W, RW930LB, RW930LW, RX110B, RX110W, RX110LB, RX110LW, RZ770B, RZ770W, RZ770LB, RZ770LW, RW730B, RW730W, RW730LB, RW730LW, RZ660B, RZ660W, RZ660LB, RZ660LW, RW620B, RW620W, RW620LB, RW620LW , RZ670B, RZ670W, RZ670LB, RZ670LW, RW630B, RW640W, RW630LB, RW630LW

Group D

PT-DZ780, DZ780L, DW750, DW750L, DX820, DX820L

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