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Analog Way VRC300 Vertige Controller

To control a single mixer /switcher or multiple units, Analog Way offers a large range of Remote Keypads and Show Controllers. They can command all Analog Way’s Mixers and third parties devices. For high-grade integration projects or large events, some of our Event Controllers can be controlled by external control systems.


To control the following Seamless Switchers  
  • ASC4806: Ascender 48
  • ASC4806: Ascender 32
  • SMX12x4: SmartMatriX Ultra
  • NXT1604: NeXtage 16
  • EKS550: Eikos²
  • SPX450: Saphyr
  • SMX250: SmartMatriX²
  • PLS350: Pulse²
  • QVU150: QuickVu
  • QMX150: QuickMatriX
 User Controls  
  • TFT touch screen, 15.6″ (39.62cm)
  • 6 Sliders for FX (Transition) and Master Alpha mode
  • 46 contextual buttons
  • 69 direct buttons
  • 11 knobs for adjustment
  • T-Bar for smooth manually controlled transitions
  • Joystick for easy and fast set up of image or effect parameters
  • 2 x RJ45 for TCP/IP Ethernet connection
  • 4 x rear USB port
  • 1x front USB port
  • Auxiliary VGA connector (non-applicable)
  • Auxiliary HDMI connector (non-applicable)
  • 2 x maintenance port
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